Toi's Story

In 2012, during a computer course, a young Toi Arnold took the initiative to outline her future, sparked by a passion for a career in fashion. Toi expressed, "I want to work in fashion but not in a store." She researched fashion schools near Cleveland, Ohio, although she didn't realize her true passion was Fashion Design.

Lacking clarity about her fashion career aspirations, Toi shifted her focus to helping people and pursued a medical career. In 2015, during a high school assignment, Toi conceived "So Toi Boutique" but later discovered she wanted to design and create her own clothing. This project finally helped Toi uncover her true calling, which she had been seeking since a computer course in 6th grade.

Despite heading towards a medical career, she decided to excel in that field first before transitioning to fashion. In the summer of 2020, Toi took a leap of faith, acquiring sewing supplies from a seller on Facebook Marketplace. She taught herself to sew on a vintage machine, crafting her first dress in August 2020 for her sister's birthday.

Encouraged by the positive feedback from the dress, Toi launched an Instagram, registered an LLC, and secured a P.O. Box, late August 2020. Balancing college courses with her true & initial passion, So Toi had to take a temporary back seat. In March 2021, after failing a college course and being removed from the program, Toi's mom suggested this could be an opportunity to pursue her true calling. As she embarked on her new journey she still completed & received her degree in Science. 

During her break, Toi dedicated her time to learn, research, and plan her business operations. In the Fall she entered back into college & changed her major to art while still working on So Toi. So Toi officially launched on January 1, 2022, offering clothes that make you feel like The One. Toi then received her degree in Art in June of 2022. Over the past two years, the brand provided exclusive in-person & virtual design services, creating custom dream dresses for clients & operating our online store with many dress styles. 

As our earlier styles no longer align with SO TOI, we've created a sister store "So Toi Boutique" which can be accessed here to showcase those "boutique like" styles.

Presently, SO TOI focuses on showcasing designs exclusively designed by Toi Arnold to expand our brand's presence in the fashion industry.

Our newest collection debuts Fall 2024.